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Advising Organizations On How To Evolve Using Technology

Technology has become fundamental to the way companies do business, and plays a critical role in every aspect of business operations. With the growth of the importance and role of technology in many enterprises, the costs and risks associated with technology have increased as well. Some companies are fortunate and have technology leadership that focuses first, last and always on the business and the impact technology can have rather than on the technology itself. For others, increasing the business focus on technology can reduce technology and general operating costs, create new competitive advantage, and ultimately drive increased value of the business.

LeverageINSIGHT is dedicated to helping  senior business executives  and technology executives in every industry spend less on technology and better utilize technology investments to improve the business

LeverageINSIGHT helps companies quickly identify opportunities for technology to drive real business improvements, develops action plans to do so, and helps implement those action plans while at the same time reducing the costs of sourcing and operating the necessary technology.

As LeverageINSIGHT does not sell technology or services, LeverageINSIGHT can provide truly objective and independent advice as well as unbiased oversight of the efforts of technology and service providers.

Reporting and Business Visibility

  • On demand management reporting
  • Increase in operational consistency
  • Larger focus on critical business metrics and priorities
  • Fewer surprises

Improved Operational Performance

  • More efficient, more automated processes
  • Improved resource planning projections and utilization
  • More predictability

Improved technology service

  • More formal service level commitments
  • Increased availability and capability
  • More predictable technology budgets
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Fewer headaches



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