Tools and Methods

Repeatable and Scalable tools allow us to be more efficient for you.

Our “Toolbox” mentality

We view the sourcing process as a series of steps associated with specific tools designed to make the operation run smoothly as well as keep ALL providers accountable.  Whether it is a contract management tool or a requirements matrix, all of these tools are designed to provide upfront and long term value to the organization.

  • Provider requirements matrix
  • Provider contract management
  • Provider assessment and scoring
  • Provider maturity scale
  • Provider risk profile
  • Provider accountability
  • Provider Total cost models
  • Provider metrics and performance

Our Methods

Simplicity. We subscribe to a Simplicity Serves mentality. In other words, the approach to our work is very simple and highly efficient. The Methods we have developed allow us to approach projects and information gathering in a very systematic and repeatable way.

AscendOur Sourcing Methodology ASCEND

Analyze  – Gather information on your current technology projects, providers and technology spending process

Select  – Identify providers that meet your culture for your project.

Collaborate – Work with you to create a custom sourcing strategy and plan

Engage – Work with providers for project bid, negotiations and deployment

Normalize – Post project review against statement of work; integrate provider into sourcing process

Direct –   Document, monitor, evaluate and mange key providers performance with scorecards and matrices

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